Skip Bins

Skip Bins are a great for the household clean-up, for getting rid of the results of a renovation, delivered when you want, and taken away when you are ready. Swap overs are good to, and a handy addition to any building site.

I have a range of sizes including 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 cubic metres, for quite small to quite big jobs. Pricing Starts from as litle as $170.00. Call me to discuss you needs. Don’t forget there will be a surcharge for some types of waste.

Tree Removal

Trees are great things, and good for the planet, but sometimes one of them has to go. We have the equipment and the experience to do this for you. It may out in the paddock, or tucked in tight in you backyard, we can handle it.

Fire Wood

A natural by product of Tree Removal is that Hop Skip ‘N’ a Dump is able to provide high quality dried and split hardwood firewood for homes in the area. Price starts at $80.00 inc GST per cubic metre


Mulch is a great way to look after your garden, and preserve moisture, and in fact it is the way nature does it. 100% biodegradable, 100% natural, and an effective solution.

Bob Cat and Landscaping

With a bit of thought, and great equipment we can help you plans work with the land to provide a sustainable landscape that will survive into the future.